3.30.17 Sun is Always Shining

I have a friend named Bruce, and it's an honor to call him a friend. We can't move into "Best Friend" territory until I start winning the weekly giveaways from his popular newsletter, but he swears he can be bought so I guess it's me that needs to up my game. I met Bruce two … Continue reading 3.30.17 Sun is Always Shining

3.27.17 The Best Weekend 

We are busy people, life is running us ragged and we love it. Friday night started off with a bang, I was home before 5 and slept until almost 10PM. Rough Friday night.  Kenneth worked Saturday and I started my day at church painting with the fun women of Ridglea Baptist Church. My hands don't … Continue reading 3.27.17 The Best Weekend 

Potato, Potato, Ching Chong, Tomato 

Isn't it frustrating how not even 45 minutes ago I was dozing off on the couch and now I'm comfortably curled up in bed, wide awake? How is it that I was so sleepy before and now I'm counting my husbands inhales in time with the ceiling fan "ting" from the chain? 2 nights ago … Continue reading Potato, Potato, Ching Chong, Tomato 

3.24.17 Something Awesome 

I was called out yesterday by a birthday girl who shall remain nameless for posting too much sappy lately. Here is the exact opposite of that: Y'all, I put on a brave front every day but the truth is the fact that my trekking poles act like a spotlight for my disease, is hard. My … Continue reading 3.24.17 Something Awesome 

The GrownUp by Gillian Flynn

http://a.co/4mKOBlS I stopped giving hand jobs because I was the best at it...You have to mentally prepare beforehand, and then you have to stop thinking and trust your body to take over. Basically, it’s like a golf swing. I never worked holidays, because holiday hand jobs are sad for everyone. I quit because when you … Continue reading The GrownUp by Gillian Flynn

3.20.17 What Makes Me, Me?

Friday I posted a blog about ALS and how it doesn't make sense. It's pretty sappy and depressing, so read at your own risk. That post has infiltrated all of my thoughts and has manifested itself into this rambling. Enjoy! According to MDA, "In ALS, nerve cells that control muscle cells gradually die. In most … Continue reading 3.20.17 What Makes Me, Me?

2. Grey’s Anatomy

7.11.17 Completed! whew So at Christmas my Mom brought up this question: What is your most memorable TV moment? Izzie lying on the bathroom floor after Denny died Derek proposing to Meredith in the elevator with x-rays Meredith realizing that 007 - John Doe laying in the bed after saving a lady from being hit by … Continue reading 2. Grey’s Anatomy