4.26.17 Chaos 

Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion. If that doesn't perfectly summarize my schedule, I don't know what does.  3 Bowlathons 1 high level golf tournament  1 Steak Cookoff 1 on going raffle  New house  2 ALS catastrophes  A very pouty cat All within a 30 day window  I have to do lists for my … Continue reading 4.26.17 Chaos 

4.20.17 Thursday 

I'm 2 for 2 on the last two Thursdays resulting in severe bodily harm. Prayers for a bubble around me as I take on Thursday, and hopefully come out scratch free. I've had enough concussions, broken noses, blood, and embarrassment for a while. Need these current wounds to heal before we add new ones to … Continue reading 4.20.17 Thursday 

4.17.17 Greys & ALS

Season 9, Episode 17 The third case involves Brad Parker, a former Mercy West resident with ALS. April remembers him as an amazing guy who never gave up. That's why she's shocked to learn that he wants to be taken off his ventilator so that he can donate his organs once his heart stops.April wants … Continue reading 4.17.17 Greys & ALS

4.13.17 Taking this Show on the Road 

"'Cause I've seen better days Been the star of many plays I've seen better days And the bottom drops out" - Citizen King Today was setup to be a busy, productive, efficient day and I screwed it all up at 8:15 AM: I had set Phil in my office because I needed both hands for … Continue reading 4.13.17 Taking this Show on the Road