6.29.17 VisionFW Ladies Summer Book Club

We've discussed before how impactful my involvement with VisionFW has been on my professional and personal life over the past 3 years. This summer, some of the ladies decided to get together monthly and form a book club. As an avid reader when I choose to be, I was drawn to the opportunity to read … Continue reading 6.29.17 VisionFW Ladies Summer Book Club

26. Terrifying 

Starting the #30by30 was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. This blog, this list of challenges, this opportunity to meet amazing people and have amazing experiences is more than I could have ever imagined.  One of the items on the list was to do something that terrifies me. Growth, pushing myself out … Continue reading 26. Terrifying 

6.22.17 Staying Grounded, Literally 

Wednesday was cued up to be a good day: I posted a witty, honest, suuuuuper cute picture about how despite feeling the ALS effects in full force, I achieved top knot greatness and was excited to share it with the world. As the day progressed, I was smothered in love from friends near and far.  … Continue reading 6.22.17 Staying Grounded, Literally 

6.21.17 #WCW: Rachel Doboga

Source: Pacing Myself by Rachel Doboga, Author of "howilivewithals" I have always struggled to acknowledge and accept my limitations to the point that I often push myself far past them. From middle school through college, I participated in at least three extracurricular activities each year. OK, that’s a lie. It was more like four or five. … Continue reading 6.21.17 #WCW: Rachel Doboga

6.20.17 Small Town Kid

Full Confession: Kenneth and I are binge watching Netflix addicts. We change shows almost daily, and take turns picking since our preferences are completely different. Our current show at bedtime is "The Ranch" with Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and the always dreamy: Sam Elliott. As a "That 70s Show" fan, this new show was a no … Continue reading 6.20.17 Small Town Kid