8.31.17 Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Have you ever had that feeling that everything you hear indirectly applies directly to you? Like you're the kid in the back of the classroom of life and the teacher calls on you repeatedly? Or you catch the end of a conversation on the radio and you're not sure why but in your heart you … Continue reading 8.31.17 Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

8.28.17 It was Leebo

The Murder Mystery dinner was a night to remember. Everyone had a blast, the food was great, the drama was hysterical and we all learned a new pickup line.  Sunnystrong raised over $600 and raffle tickets are still available through 9.1. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who supported, joined as potential … Continue reading 8.28.17 It was Leebo

8.26.17 Who Dun It?

Tonight is the big night! We're excited to partner with the Midland Hotel and Alisha Earls from Killer Events for this fun event. Tickets will be available at the door if you are available to join us! HUGE thank you to Cindy and JimBob Sims for sponsoring this event, coordinating the details, and for being awesome! … Continue reading 8.26.17 Who Dun It?

8.25.17 ALS Celebrity Bowling Classic with Tony Dorsett

Last night was absolutely amazing. The place was filled with celebrities and ALS families, such a cool experience. Y'all know I'm social and extremely active on social media, but nothing replaces the love in a hug from someone who knows exactly what you and your family is going through. "The club that no one wants … Continue reading 8.25.17 ALS Celebrity Bowling Classic with Tony Dorsett

8.23.17 National ALS Biorepository

Apparently, I don't need my blood for myself. Anything for science, right? PLM took 5 tubes Saturday while we were in Boston, and the CDC took 5 tubes yesterday for the National ALS Biorepository. What is the National ALS Biorepository? The term biorepository usually refers to a facility that collects and stores samples of biological … Continue reading 8.23.17 National ALS Biorepository

8.22.17 Be Sweet to One Another

God knew exactly what he was doing when he brought all these sweet, crazy friends into my life. It's important to support each other in every way, cover each other in prayer everyday, and always, always, always be able to laugh at yourself - and if you can't, we'll laugh, hard, for you.  Few examples … Continue reading 8.22.17 Be Sweet to One Another

8.21.17 Good Times Never Seemed so Good 

Boston was amazing.  We landed late Friday, ordered pizza and tracked the protest so we could avoid it. Saturday started with the Patients Like Me blood draw then we set out to explore our surroundings.  We ate and drank our way around the city and enjoyed a new experience for both of us: seeing a … Continue reading 8.21.17 Good Times Never Seemed so Good