9.29.17 Decade of Dysart

Four score and 10 years ago today, I witnessed the biggest event to date in my best friends life: her marriage to Clayton. Up to that point our life had been simple, easy, impulsive. To watch as she vowed to honor and cherish her future husband was both humbling and confusing - how were we … Continue reading 9.29.17 Decade of Dysart

9.26.17 Snot is the glue that holds us together

I’m learning that the ALS community is beautifully dynamic. Would we jump ship if given the opportunity? Without a doubt, but until then we are all here twitchin’ and droolin’ together. Kenneth and I have had the opportunity to meet some of the absolute neatest people. Some we only know virtually but their love and … Continue reading 9.26.17 Snot is the glue that holds us together

9.25.17 Togetherness 

For the first time in what seems like forever, my husband and I devoted the majority of a weekend to each other. We live busy, consuming lives that allow for us to share each of our own passions with each other and separately. Our schedule is insane to the untrained eye, but we invest love … Continue reading 9.25.17 Togetherness 

9.21.17 Worries 

I joke all the time that I won't have to ever worry about anything again in my life because everyone else has me covered. I've never been prone to worrying, usually able to shake off any scenarios that don't end happily - or avoid those situations all together. My personal destructive tendency is procrastination. Now … Continue reading 9.21.17 Worries 

9.20.17 No good, ugly, rotten day

Ever have those sucky, sucky days? Where no matter what you do it backfires? Today was my no good, ugly, rotten day. It started with me driving Kenneth's car. Now, I fully realize how blessed we are to have two vehicles but for the sake of dramatics please let me whine about this. His car … Continue reading 9.20.17 No good, ugly, rotten day

9.19.17 Benefit of the Doubt

Do you ever have those days where a word or phrase seems to work its way into every conversation you have? Have those days ever turned into weeks? months? Somewhere along the way we became suspicious of each other, unforgiving, and choose the negative in situations rather than the positive. Now that's not always the … Continue reading 9.19.17 Benefit of the Doubt

9.18.17 Hare Speed

MDA muscle walk was absolutely amazing! Our team raised $400 towards the fight against ALS! Sunnystrong was well represented, well exercised, and eventually, well doctored.  SamP: have you ever flipped your scooter?  Me: Nope  (30 seconds and a donut later) thank goodness Dr. Dias carries antibacterial cream and put all of her germaphobe tendencies aside … Continue reading 9.18.17 Hare Speed