11.29.17 Perfect Peyton Pictures Portray Productivity Plunders

Well, I hope Monday's post was motivation for you because it was a swing and a miss for me. Turns out, I spent almost the entire month flying by the seat of my pants. My whole "schedule it for after Thanksgiving" plan worked until Monday when I woke up and realized I hadn't written anything … Continue reading 11.29.17 Perfect Peyton Pictures Portray Productivity Plunders

11.28.17 Help Me Help You

How to Help Your Friends When They Ask to Help You  SEPTEMBER 12, 2017  BY DAGMAR MUNN IN COLUMNS, LIVING WELL WITH ALS - A COLUMN BY DAGMAR MUNN. ALS is not only a confusing disease for those of us who have it, but it also throws our well-meaning friends into a tizzy. Friends who truly want to … Continue reading 11.28.17 Help Me Help You

11.27.17 Wake Up, Sunny!

Here we go, time to get up and get focused on the agenda. Last few days before round 3 of radicava ridiculousness begins, before christmas chaos starts, and time to add purpose back into the routine. I'm excited to share with you my "Sunny Do" list. Part of this transition has been to purposely focus … Continue reading 11.27.17 Wake Up, Sunny!

I’m Thankful for People Like You!

this. this is amazing.

The Official Blog of The ALS Association

By Stephen Winthrop

If you ever run into me, you’ll notice that I am wearing a button that says, “I have ALS. Ask me about it.” I love this button because of the conversations it creates with people who want to learn more about ALS and my own journey. Now, I’d like to have an important conversation with you.

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11.22.17 Port Party Part Deux

Yesterday was more along the lines of the aforementioned port-a-potty rather than a port party but I'm hoping we're in the clear now. turns out, in true Sunny fashion, the tubing to my port was kinked and that was the source of the issues during infusion. also, in true Sunny fashion, I drove myself to … Continue reading 11.22.17 Port Party Part Deux

11.21.17 Planning Ahead, Always

End-of-life Care Important in Neurodegenerative Diseases But Can Be Lacking, Study Finds NOVEMBER 16, 2017 BY IQRA MUMAL IN NEWS. Patients with neurodegenerative diseases have views that are framed by the context of their lives, and end-of-life care should be equally personalized, respectful and given in a timely way, researchers in a study report. The … Continue reading 11.21.17 Planning Ahead, Always