Round 2, Day 2, Take 2

“When things go wrong or don’t turn out the way you pictured them in your head, you just have to go with the best intentions defense. I have a lot of good intentions.” -Blake Shelton

Went home with the port accessed so that we could infuse in Baton Rouge. Came home from the walk yesterday and couldn’t get it to flush. Called a nurse friend for help, four sticks and a bloody/saline shirt later we gave up. Kenneth and I hopped on the plane to Louisiana, checked into the hotel and found the nearest emergency room.

Rating: 8

Notes: Ready to get out of here. being a non-emergent case in the emergency room means you get to be patient. we’re infused and busting out of here.

7 thoughts on “Round 2, Day 2, Take 2

  1. i have you on a prayer list.
    we are a strong group of prayer warriors. And I am complaining because I can not get my contact out . Todis get real. Please know we are all trying to help you. Love Todis


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