August Adventures for SunnyStrong

According to BigCommerce:

“Definition: A social media campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability.”

So that’s just what we’re gonna do. 31 days of coordinated marketing efforts to reinforce our goal of advocating for ALS until there is a cure through increased focus, targeting, and measurability.

We’re going to spend the month focused on the Ice Bucket Challenge, how it has helped in the past, present and future for the ALS community. You may think it’s just dumping ice water on your head, but the comments, shares, and attention that are gained from this simple task lead to dollars, policy changes, research, and one day a cure.

SunnyStrong is targeting you, and everyone you know. Share every email, every post, every picture you see this month with anyone you can think of. Start that conversation, learn about this disease, and make an impact on the ALS community through the connectivity of social media, email, and personal conversation.

Together we can measure our impact in likes and shares, conversations with old and new friends about ALS and the effect it has on it’s victims, and through donations made to SunnyStrong, to the ALS Association, or any other ALS affiliated entity of your choosing. Brag about your donation to anyone that will listen. Share your pics and videos with everyone who will look. Shout it from the mountain tops:

No Apologies. No Excuses. No Regrets.



August Adventures for SunnyStrong Donations