1.24.19 Good Luck!

We're just going to do the one board this year. Good Luck everybody! Game Rules: Sales will continue until all squares are sold or kickoff on Sunday, February 3th - whichever comes first. All sales will take place online through the SunnyStrong Store and winnings will be paid via paypal on Monday, February 4th. If … Continue reading 1.24.19 Good Luck!

1.17.19 Post-Symposium Fun

After the Symposium we were determined to adventure out and see everything we could of this city we had been in for almost a week. Monday morning we got up at found our way to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. All of the public sites in Glasgow were free to attend, so we loaded … Continue reading 1.17.19 Post-Symposium Fun

12.7.18 Spa Day

I really, really hope that the women have received their care packages otherwise I just totally ruined the surprise. Kenneth and I discussed what we wanted to do as Erasmus Family Monat to participate in Monat's Gratitude Week. In a perfect world, I'd deliver these "Spa Day" packages myself and help with the hair washing. Unfortunately, … Continue reading 12.7.18 Spa Day

12.4.18 ALS as a Woman

So I fully realize that I'm not speaking for the majority of the ALS population, but for those of us that are in the minority - women - this disease poses lots of frustrations. "According to the ALS CARE Database, 60% of the people with ALS in the Database are men..." - ALSA.org This is … Continue reading 12.4.18 ALS as a Woman

12.3.18 Monat Gratitude Week

Good Morning, Y'all! It's officially Scotland Week - whoo hoo! Carlie and I are going to be coming to you loud and proud from the UK so get ready for all kinds of insanity. But before we do that, I want to share the "side gig" Kenneth and I have been working on since April. … Continue reading 12.3.18 Monat Gratitude Week

11.5.18 FW Walk Recap

Team SunnyStrong was powerful. This is most, had some come late and there in spirit but this was as good as group pics go. We took advantage of the stage, mainly since I was already on it. We raised $3955 and still going. I'm only $50 from my goal, so if you feel so inclined … Continue reading 11.5.18 FW Walk Recap