4.30.21 It’s Gonna Be May

Let the Justin Timberlake memes fly because tomorrow it’s gonna be May!! In the US May is recognized as ALS Awareness Month which means we’ve got work to do. Every day is ALS Awareness in my little world so enrolling y’all for the cause makes it all the more fun. I’ll be honest, in years … Continue reading 4.30.21 It’s Gonna Be May

3.9.21 Finish Well

Philippians 1:21 “For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better.” Y’all have met my friend Steve Martin here, HERE, and lots of posts on social media. His wife posted yesterday letting us know that he is comfortably transitioning to Heaven. Their faith in God’s divine grace is pouring through each … Continue reading 3.9.21 Finish Well

2.21.21 Surviving the Worst

As the snow continues to melt away from this insane week in Texas, I welcome the time to reflect on the goodness that was exemplified by many in need of basic essentials themselves. For the record, I was among the fortunate few that maintained electricity and water for most of the storm, only losing water … Continue reading 2.21.21 Surviving the Worst

1.29.21 Deported

We recently discussed my newest additions, depression and anxiety, and today I’d like to elaborate on the latter. In the last week or so I’ve had two separate experiences with this bulbous, suffocating monster that I’m hoping will bring some joy to your Friday. Our first adventure takes us to the scary city of Dallas … Continue reading 1.29.21 Deported

1.20.21 Celebrating Life

6 years ago today I posted the following picture on social media. I hadn’t yet announced my diagnosis, hadn’t even grasped the reality of what was happening, just knew it was going to an important reminder for the days to come. Now, we’re 6 years in and life is crazy because of 2020, pandemic, divorce, … Continue reading 1.20.21 Celebrating Life

1.12.21 Super Bowl Squares

It’s that time again, Super Bowl! This will be our third year, I think, to do them and it’s always fun to have y’all join us. Proceeds from this fundraiser will kick off our efforts to attend the International Symposium on ALS/MND in Basel, Switzerland. Assuming the world gets it’s act together and the Symposium … Continue reading 1.12.21 Super Bowl Squares

1.4.21 4 Years O’Bloggin’

Yesterday was my 4 year blog’oversary! This little pet project has come a very long ways from it’s humble beginning. Last year, this blog was viewed in more than 90 different countries - I don’t think I can name that many countries. We have also surpassed the 100k views mark which just blows my mind. … Continue reading 1.4.21 4 Years O’Bloggin’

12.30.20 Death Becomes Her

Easily one of my favorite movies, fyi. When I got my diagnosis, I was given lots of resources, people to meet, and decisions to make. The doctors, the ALS Texas staff, and loving friends made sure I was covered. Even after almost 6 years, it’s easy to get back to that overwhelmed state. One thing, … Continue reading 12.30.20 Death Becomes Her

12.16.20 Guilty By Association

I've had the honor of serving as a Patient Fellow for the International Symposiums on ALS/MND in both Glasgow and Perth. This Fellowship is about increasing the voice of people with ALS/MND at the Symposium sessions and following up with patient-centric recaps. This year's symposium was held virtually which opened many opportunities, specifically the increase … Continue reading 12.16.20 Guilty By Association

12.8.20 Big Day! Huge Day!

Past, Present, Future: The Journey to Advance Innovations in ALS Sponsored by The renowned faculty will take us on a journey through time as they discuss how innovation has paved the way toward even greater discoveries to come.Highlights of the program include:PAST: Evolution of ALS diagnostic criteria and creation of a toolkit that can be … Continue reading 12.8.20 Big Day! Huge Day!