The List

Well, here it is in all it’s glory. This is a work in progress, and something that is going to take time, effort, and commitment on my part. My plan is to blog/post about each item as it’s completed, and those blogs will be linked here. Not completing these in any order, just numbered them in order to keep track. Check back regularly for updates 🙂

2.7.17 Update: I turned 30 without completing every thing on the list, and that’s ok. A lot of these were to get my mind focused and give purpose to the madness. I’ll continue to update and complete the tasks as opportunity presents itself. All other ramblings can be found here.

  1. Go 30 days without missing a single dose of Medication in progress (see notes)
  2. Rewatch every episode of Grey’s Anatomy 7.11.17 Completed!
  3. Read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhymes completed 1/16/17 (see notes)
  4. 30 days of sobriety restarted 1/15/17 pretty sure this one isn’t happening
  5. Go see 3 movies in progress, 2 of 3 complete
  6. Go somewhere/do something new for both of us with my husband – 4/3 Opening Day
  7. Donate blood have a hot date with Megan and Kenneth on 1.28.17 to complete this one – completed!
  8. Learn to cook something from scratch with my husband modified 1/17/17
  9. Invest in something that will still be there when I turn 40 completed 1/21/17
  10. Read Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin modified 2/1/17, see notes
  11. Try 3 new restaurants in Fort Worth completed!!
  12. Write something and get it published I’m counting this site as getting that done!
  13. Go to a concert of someone I’ve never seen Done 6/3/17
  14. Take a weekend road trip by myself stay-cation with my husband completed 1/22/17
  15. Learn to meditate
  16. Make a plan to get out of debt & No personal shopping/unnecessary spending for 30 days have a meeting in place for this one
  17. Complete voice banking exercises
  18. No personal shopping/unnecessary spending for 30 days  Throw a ridiculously awesome 30th Birthday Party combined with #16 and added a new one 1/31/17
  19. Complete 30 days of Prayers for My Husband
  20. Get girls trip on the books Done!
  21. Go to the driving range and let my husband teach me how to hit a golf ball considering he got a new driver recently, we’ll get this one done soon
  22. Go to bed early so I get to work on time on going struggle since the beginning of time
  23. Test drive a car I can’t afford DONE ✅  1/21/17
  24. Volunteer in a JA classroom this is taking place this spring
  25. Read Dark Places by Gillian Flinn started 1/16/17 – completed 1/24/17
  26. Do something that completely terrifies me  
  27. Plan a trip to see a friend who lives very far away working on getting this one done
  28. Put a living will/advance directive in place with my husband
  29. Find a Brous piece of history to include in my office still on the hunt
  30. Leaving this one open, one thing I’ve learned in 29 years is that God always surprises me