You know the kind of gal who was just trying to live her life then gets diagnosed with ALS? Well, that was me. Everything was coming up aces in work, life, and love while something bad was just waiting around the corner. That’s when my life changed. C’est la vie! So I made it my mission to make sure others know that they’re not alone in this fight and, day by day, I’m going to put as much love into this community as possible. I’m just trying to live unapologetically; my name is Sunny.


Her ALS Story Warrior Weekend 2023

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  1. Sunny, please ask our congress people to take great consideration of people with ALS and our lack of ability to contact 911, when I am in sling and if my wife were to fall I would be completely unable to call 911 local. I don’t know what a good product to have would be. Amazon echo will not call 911 yet. I still have my voice, so echo would work but if power were out echo will not work. I can only use my cell phone when in wheelchair at kitchen table. my hands barely can operate phone at table. I live in Hurst and have been seeing Dr Heitzman since October 2014. Your welcome to come visit if you would like.


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