Ambien Musings 

At the beginning of February, Dr. Heitzman graciously prescribed me a delightful, magical pill called Ambien. You see, my whole life I have been able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and at record speed so when that superpower was taken from me, it was devastating. Food lost its flavor, colors faded together, and friends started getting ridiculous texts at all hours of the night.

So far I haven’t had any weird or crazy stuff happen, but we have determined that Ambien is not a one spouse drug. Poor, poor Kenneth he’s finally met his match in the great sport of snoring. If I wake up dead with a pillow over my face, forgive him, for he know not what he do. (That’s a joke and you know it)

Instead of saving these ramblings for the cat who certainly does not care about my medicinally induced craziness, I am choosing to share them with you here. Lucky you!

Somewhere deep down inside of me is the part of the brain where all of the chaos is stored. Rather than mold and conform to social norms, we are feeding it a sedative fit for a king. Read at your own risk 🙂