7.13.17 God Bless This Town

Yall know I’m a Small Town Kid, #hicoilikeo and all that jazz. So when the Jerry McAdams of the Hico News Review calls to verify the details, you answer – or in my case, call him back. To no ones surprise, well maybe Jerrys, my mama didn’t know how old I was, or when we got married or when I was diagnosed so I corrected her guesses and the final product is awesome and accurate. 

Thanks Jerry for the front page publicity and for helping us raise awareness for ALS. There was a time that being in the paper was a weekly occurrence, and this feature is as exciting today as it was every single time while growing up in Hico. 

“God bless this town, It’s so good to be back home. Yeah how you been doing? Lord, I know its been so long. Tell your family hello, I’m sure I’ll see you around. Be sure to close the doors and lock ’em up tight, God Bless this Town” – Wade Bowen 

Someone asked Kenneth if he realizes that he married up? I don’t know about that, but he sure looks good in that Hico limelight. 

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