Silly Songs

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head for no reason? I wake up just about every morning with a song in my head, but it’s usually easy to connect the dots on where it came from – 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon in music form. In high school, my sister Casey and I would often wake up singing the same song, but have completely different stories on its origin.

Saturday, Jaci and I made out last stop on #operationeatallthemexicanfood and got giggly over singing “I’m singing in the rain, just signing in the rain. What a glorious feeling I’m uh, uh, uhuh, uh, uh, uhuh, if all the raindrops were candy drops and gum drops, oh what a world that would be” but there was a reason for this singalong: it was pouring, we were delirious, and we often bring out the giggles in eat other. Proof here.

Last nights diddly had no rhyme or reason, was set to repeat in my brain driving me even more crazy. I got up this morning and spoke the words to the cat, who did not care in the slightest, with the hopes that it would allow this to evaporate from my brainwaves. So far I have not been so lucky, maybe it’ll get stuck in your head and when we get committed to the funnyfarm we can sing it proudly together as they fit us for our straight jackets.

There’s a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza Dear Liza

There’s a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, a hole

Then fix it, Dear Henry Dear Henry 

Then fix it, Dear Henry, fix it

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