books and movies 

Why would you go through the trouble of making a movie based on a book if they weren’t going to be the same?

usually the book is better than the movie – ok almost always the book is better than the movie – so why ruin it?

tonight at the driving range while kenneth practiced for his tournament this weekend I finished The Shining by Stephen King. Easily my favorite horror movie, I was excited for the comparison. The book had much more character development, which made Jack Torrence’s dimise even more believable but the ending? Ugh, I guess I would have been even more irritated if Halloran went through all that he did in the book to get back to the hotel just to die haphazardly like he did in the movie. 

Why weren’t the hedge animals in the movie? Why doesn’t the movie tell us Danny’s middle name and source of his secret friend. Why was there no blood gushing elevators like in the movie? Why didn’t the little dead girls come play?

my three biggest frustrations on the book:

  • Where’s Johnny?

  • Why was Jacks death so different for each?

  • why isn’t there more info about this picture 

now i’m ready to watch a movie 😬

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