May 24 – Travel

I am a travelbug, always have been. I’m curious about the world around me, have always enjoyed new experiences, and found wonderful girlfriends who share this desire for exploration. You can read all about our Girls Trips here.

ALS presents all kinds of fun challenges when it comes to traveling. “Traveling with a disability is not easy, but with some extra preplanning and research, it is completely doable, and well worth it.”

Kenneth and I are putting these challenges to the test this week: 5 days in beautiful Cancun Mexico with a whole slew of crazies to celebrate Thomas and Chelsea. We are doubling this trip as our late honeymoon, and could not be more excited to be on the beach and away from reality. I’ve never traveled with someone who has a passport from a different country, so we’re all learning together. It’s been 6.5 amazing months with this wonderful man, and Mexico will hopefully be the first of many, many trips together. 

“Not all those who wander are lost” – JRR Tolkien 

Join Team SunnyStrong:

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7/5 ALS Awareness Night at the Rangers

9/16 MDA Muscle Walk at Globe Life Park 

11/4 ALSA Walk to Defeat ALS at Trinity Park 

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