May 25 – Just For Me

On 10.10.15 I went and got something that was just for me, with three of my favorite people on the planet.

I got this as a physical reminder of everything I have overcome through my ALS journey. through good days and bad, frustrations and triumphs, laughter and tears I can look down and remember that I’m stronger than I feel, I am blessed beyond belief, and I will stay forever young.

These are my people, my sanity, and my lifelines. Testing to get to my diagnosis was painful and exhausting physically, mentally, emotionally. The tattoo is mine and seeing it everyday gives me motivation.

Join Team SunnyStrong:

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7/5 ALS Awareness Night at the Rangers

9/16 MDA Muscle Walk at Globe Life Park 

11/4 ALSA Walk to Defeat ALS at Trinity Park 

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