13. New to Me Concert

6.3.17 Update – We’re Here!

Back in October a group of us went to one of our favorite Fort Worth events: Ranch Bash. This is an event that we try to attend every year, because it is the closest we get to reliving our glory days at Tarleton when we could see any concert, anytime. One of the best things about going to a college in a small town was that concerts were more popular than open bar nights, and often the artist was at the end of their week of touring and were ready to head to a pasture party with the rest of us. During my four years at Tarleton I had the opportunity to see many bands that I would have never had the opportunity (or the money) to see in a larger city.

This was Kenneth’s first Ranch Bash experience, and I think he was impressed with our knowledge of the many different bands as well as their personal journey. It was a few weeks after that he told me he was trying to listen to more country so that he knew the songs and more about the bands we were going to see because he knew that was something that I enjoy doing. He is pretty great that way. 

We were on one of our many road trips to some unknown destination and decided to listen to his playlist rather than the radio. It was obvious that he was excited to show off his new found enjoyment of country music, and I loved his investment into our relationship. Everything on his list was Florida Georgia Line, not my definition of country music but honestly it was more about the gesture. 

I learned this week that they are playing in Dallas in June so I surprised my sweet, kind hearted husband with tickets. I was able to get them before they went on sale to the general public, and was able to get semi ambulatory seats so that we can easily access the area. Hands down one of the hardest secrets I’ve kept from him (all 3 days) but it was worth it to make his day. 

Now we just have to wait until June…

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