Round 1, Day 13 – Part 2

Apparently I am a hard stick, like four attempts to get a vein kind of hard stick. Hopefully this further encourages the port decision, which I’m still working on scheduling. Multiple sticks or not, I got to spend the morning with one of my favorite families: The Fruges. Tom is on day 2 of Radicava … Continue reading Round 1, Day 13 – Part 2

10.16.17 Here, There, Everywhere

Combining Radicava Ridiculousness with the weekends agenda. Round 1, Day 10 Rating: 8 Notes: Friday was new IV day which means I got to see the wonderful people at Soleo Health. Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, the Chamber of Commerce lets me work for my lunch. Friday was the State of Education luncheon with Dr. … Continue reading 10.16.17 Here, There, Everywhere