10.16.17 Here, There, Everywhere

Combining Radicava Ridiculousness with the weekends agenda.

Round 1, Day 10

Rating: 8

Notes: Friday was new IV day which means I got to see the wonderful people at Soleo Health.

Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, the Chamber of Commerce lets me work for my lunch. Friday was the State of Education luncheon with Dr. Scribner and FW ISDs bond election. it was a great event and it was catered by Reata so my belly was happy, too.

Phil even got to meet some of Tarleton’s finest.

So Jaci and I had a great plan to spend the weekend in the ‘Ville enjoying all the aspects of college we enjoyed most. We bought concert tickets, got there, decided it wasn’t worth the effort, drove to the Purple Goat and enjoyed personal space, sitting down, a waitress and a pecan tart with bourbon ice cream. Neither of us was disappointed.

Saturday we woke up at Casa de Mahan with the intentions of making it to tailgate before the Tarleton football game.

We were easily persuaded otherwise.

Round 1, Day 11

Rating: 9

Notes: Always fun to share this Radicava Ridiculousness with others, had Cody hook me up and infuse while the sweetest attendant took care of my every need.

We didn’t make the concert or the tailgate but our weekend turned out better than we had planned. I slept all afternoon Saturday, the snot is thick and free flowing, hooray!

Sunday we had training with Baloo bear and as a reminder to myself to order, I’m sharing a fellow classmates handiwork:

Round 1, Day 12

Rating: 3

Notes: I don’t feel good at all. so, so much snot. coughing, sore throat, worn down, grumpy. Infusion went well or so Kenneth told me, I slept through it. Zero fun, sir.

Good news: people are starting to receive their Mudlove orders. Have you gotten yours? Have you told a friend about it? Please share! Please post!

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