2.2.18 Trevor Noah

"Traveling is the antidote to ignorance" - Trevor Noah Pretty excited about today's agenda. When Kenneth and I first met we traveled a lot, weekend trips, weddings, etc. and now we still go more than I'm sure he'd prefer to, we don't get many weekends of unrushed roadtrips. I'm looking forward to the conversation, the … Continue reading 2.2.18 Trevor Noah

8.16.17 Manifest Rambling 

This one may be a stretch mixed with some Ambien Musings but let's call it "E for effort", deal? The part of this sprinkle that stood out most to me was: Things manifest at the right time.  What does that even mean? To me, manifest sounds like what Aladdian had to do to wake up … Continue reading 8.16.17 Manifest Rambling