2.2.18 Trevor Noah

“Traveling is the antidote to ignorance” – Trevor Noah

Pretty excited about today’s agenda. When Kenneth and I first met we traveled a lot, weekend trips, weddings, etc. and now we still go more than I’m sure he’d prefer to, we don’t get many weekends of unrushed roadtrips. I’m looking forward to the conversation, the mandatory stops at Buccee’s, and for the cathartic relief of being in car together.

I have learned so much since meeting my South African knight in golf gear, and the lessons continue daily. I often take for granted my small town raising, or menial knowledge of the world around me, but Kenneth remains patient with my convictions and opens my eyes to the world outside of Hico, America. I can remember the night his sister introduced me to Trevor Noah, we were at the dinner tables at his parents laughing hysterically from this video:

Casually we started watching Trevor Noah’s Netflix specials and keeping up with him through social media. Randomly in an ambien induced haze I had the genius idea to see what his tour schedule was, sure of the fact that Texas, much less our travel area, would be on his agenda. God really has the greatest sense of humor, and our tickets were purchased once I sobered up – ambien is a fun drug but not great for my online shopping habits. Keeping the secret from Kenneth proved to be the absolute hardest part but his reaction on Christmas was worth the struggle:

So we’re off to Austin, to play in a city we both love, to slow down and enjoy some us time. We’re excited to brunch at South Congress Cafe where he proposed not all that long ago. Hopefully we’ll get to hug some necks along the way there and back. I’m excited for a weekend with my favorite South African.


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