22. Night Owl, Late in the Morning

For long as I can remember, I have been a night owl. It never mattered how early I had to get up or how little sleep I’ve gotten days prior, I have always been a late to bed person. Some will argue that this is the source of my regular lateness, but I assure you that me being late has very little to do with what time I get to bed.

The difference now is that there is a persistent, whiny boy who refuses to go to bed without me; his name is Ian and I’m lucky he lets me live here 

My husband doesn’t mind going to bed without me and sometimes I think he prefers it (rumor is that I snore), but one of the major driving forces behind the 30 by 30 is to become more intentional with my actions. My husband and I are very busy people, lots of moving parts, and completely different agendas so for us to end our day together by crawling into bed is huge. He balances me in ways I never imagined a man could, and thankfully one of those ways is that he likes to be early to bed. 

I’m out numbered and that’s ok. With all this extra sleep I can finally figure out how to get places on time, hopefully…

11/17: it’s 11:21 PM as I share this with you, but just in case it helps anyone else I didn’t want to wait. Kenneth and I are trying Olly Restful Sleep gummies. I’ll report back how it goes 

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