19. Prayers for my Husband

Care to read with me?

I was never one to dream about my wedding, the colors, the details, etc. I always dreamed about my future husband: would he be tall? would he want kids? would he be funny? For me, it was always about who I would marry and spend my life with so planning a wedding in 3 months had it’s challenges. There was no plans dreamed up at an early age, there was no fantasy location, there were no requirements. Being the Type A control freak that I am, I took care of the parts that I would lose sleep over and outsourced the rest. I am surrounded by amazing, creative, bossy women that stepped up and made our wedding day absolutely perfect.

My husband and I chose to exchange gifts prior to the ceremony and this book was my gift to him, along with the Prayers for my Wife book as a vow that together we would be in constant prayer for our marriage, each other, and our future. I wrote him a note that detailed how I’ve been praying for him for as long as I can remember, how I’m excited to have him to pray for AND with as we started our life together. Never in a million years would I have dreamed to marry a redhead, or a South African, or a golfer but God has a sense of humor and knows exactly what he is doing. God blessed me beyond belief when he created Kenneth Robert Erasmus, and I thank him every day that he chose me as Kenneth’s wife.


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