2.14.17 Trekking Poles

So, I (with persistent encouragement from others) decided to get a walking assist to keep me on my feet and stable. See more about that here: 30. Let Go and Let God

Turns out, cane wasn’t the answer and in swoops God and answers my prayers: trekking poles! I met a guy Saturday in ATX who had been in a motorcycle accident resulting in paralysis from breaking his neck. He was determined to not spend all of his life in a wheelchair, so he busted his tail and regained the ability to walk. He showed me his trekking pole (get your head out of the gutter) and we discussed pros and cons. I ordered my very own trekking poles on Sunday and today they arrived in my office. ALS sucks, but we’re going to have fun with it! He said “there’s worse things than a power wheelchair” and he’s right! 


Just call me Phil Dunphy:

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