3.13.17 Upside to Being Spring Break-less

As I’m sure you saw in my Ambien Musings last night, I am desperately missing Spring Break this week. Number 1 reason no one should work on Spring Break: Paper Cuts 😦 I just cut the mess out of my finger, ugh! If I was on Spring Break that most definitely wouldn’t have happened as I’d likely still be in bed right now, sleeping my vacation away…

If there is an upside to working while all of your friends are off work, enjoying their Monday without paper cuts it’s: Surprise Visitors. By now you know how much I like to blow and go, with little downtime so the fact that I’m here, in town, working this week means that my gorgeous friends that are traveling nearby are available for smooching.

Hogtown’s favorite Redhead showed up in my Mama’s driveway yesterday with her toothless wonder, finally-on-vacation Husband and I think their dog, Shiner? Always fun when unexpected visitors show up and pull you out of bed with a “Rise and Shine”, smooch on the cheek, and hug.

Erasmus-5743  Erasmus-5952

Tonight I’m having dinner with my favorite person, the first person I called when I was diagnosed, my ride or die (whatever that means), my gorgeous, crazy, big-hearted best friend Kacy. And even better than having dinner with her, we’re doing it at Mary’s Cafe in Strawn. If you haven’t been, you need to get in your car right now and get there. The chicken fried steak is life changing, seriously. Dinner with her and chicken fried steak coming out of my pores is enough to get me over this paper cut, surely. Might need to go back again this week just to be 100% sure 😉 I’ll be sure to share my dinner pics on the @sunnystrongals instagram page

Erasmus-5771 Erasmus-5720

Wonder who else will show up this week…

UPDATE: I got so excited about chicken fry I forgot to mention this hot mama is husband AND childless so I got to steal her away for myself 

Alternate pic used upon request

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