Potato, Potato, Ching Chong, Tomato 

Isn’t it frustrating how not even 45 minutes ago I was dozing off on the couch and now I’m comfortably curled up in bed, wide awake?

How is it that I was so sleepy before and now I’m counting my husbands inhales in time with the ceiling fan “ting” from the chain?

2 nights ago I was snuggled comfortably into Kenneth, drooling all over his pillow and all the sudden he jumped which of course made me jump 🙄 Something startled him enough to jolt his entire body and it transferred over to me. To make matters worse, I of course woke up thinking I was drowning (you can’t imagine how drooly I am),  and he slept through the whole dang thing! Ugh, men. 

Glad one of us can turn off quickly, and when I’m riding the Ambien Stallion it is usually me, but the effects of tonight’s beverages are still amongst us and there’s this teeny, tiny warning on the bottle:

“Do not take this medicine if you have consumed alcohol during the day or just before bed.”

So here I am, listening to Kenneth hum in his sleep, contemplating the name of our future nose whistle, husband humming duo of a band

Potato Potato
Ching Chong

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