3.24.17 Something Awesome 

I was called out yesterday by a birthday girl who shall remain nameless for posting too much sappy lately. Here is the exact opposite of that:

Y’all, I put on a brave front every day but the truth is the fact that my trekking poles act like a spotlight for my disease, is hard. My mind is still centered on the retired idea that I am an athlete, strong and able, so when someone makes small talk in the elevator and asks about what happened it’s hard on me to drop that bomb, not to mention how they must feel. “Uh, I just thought you twisted your ankle, not that you are dying. Open doors, OPEN!”

I’ve told you before about how hard this for me mostly if not entirely from a vanity standpoint. And even with the trekking poles, our normal routine is altered. 

Back story is set, here comes the Something Awesome:

I walked into work one day this week, late of course, and didn’t pick my feet up like a dummy. This series of events typically ends in soul shattering, full audience, only happens on dress day, full body contact with the ground. But fate and luck were on my side that day. Rather than flossing my teeth with carpet fibers, I was able to right myself, catch my balance and continue forward.


One small step for Sunny’s Gracelessness, one GIANT leap for Sunny’s independence. Happened again wednesday while walking to an event, but it’s hard to compete with a girls first time.


Icing on the cake of my growing admiration for the “Twerking Pole”, which is what my sister calls it, is that Larry the Murder has a pair of his own Trial and Error

Thanks to Cass and Samp for introducing us to the show. It’s hilarious.

Trekking poles to the rescue! Pretty exciting stuff for our little world.

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