March has been, well, where has it gone? How are we almost a fourth of the way through 2017?

This week in particular has been crazy because this is my last full week of “prepping” for the ridiculousness that is April. Here’s a glimpse, in no particular order:

  • Closing on a house 
  • Renovating said home 
  • Celebrating Cass with a Bachelorette party 
  • Moving out of our apartment 
  • Moving into said house 
  • A months worth of laundry waiting to get done 
  • 3 MAJOR fundraising events at work 
  • Easter, family time 
  • 2 additional fundraising events that are running simultaneously 
  • Packing and organizing for the move
  • Opening Day with sweet friends 
  • Transferring utilities to new house 
  • Figuring out where Kenneth’s passport is 
  • Locking in Girls Trip
  • Unpacking and settling into new house 
  • Convince Ian that the move will be good 
  • Figure out how to get to and from work with a new address 
  • Hopefully see Kenneth more than just Hi, Bye, Pack this, move that 
  • Don’t let Ian find out about his new brother, Baloo, yet (baby steps)
  • VisionFW events 
  • Development retreat 

I love every bit of the busy 💜 As Bruno said “Gotta blame it on Jesus Hashtag Blessed”

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