4.5.17 Sister Cousins 

“Sister Cousins” are defined as best friends that are better than sisters because we are close by choice.

We celebrated the future Mrs. Powell in San Antonio this weekend which, of course, means Mexican Food. Bachelorette parties are a right of passage and this particular one was pretty great. As many of you know, I have twin sisters that are the essence of my being but even cooler is that exactly one week after they were born, I was gifted with a Sister Cousin. The four of us were practically raised as sisters and as you can see, the genes run deep.

myself, Aunt Kelly, Casey and Cass

We ate well, danced like idiots and survived a horrible storm on the way home. I think it’s safe to say that we all learned something this weekend, came home with some goodies and enjoyed the weekend celebrating the bride!

Brunch at the Liberty Bar

We are all anxiously counting down the days until October 28th ❤


somebody missed me

3 lb cinnamon rolls for the ride home

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