4.10.17 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 

Thursday was one for the books!


Erasmus Home

Crossing the threshold

The Good: Kenneth and I officially became homeowners, very exciting day in the Erasmus family! Personally I never imagined owning a house, but this sweet man I’m lucky enough to call my husband has an amazing way of making things happen.

Also, big thanks to our friend Don’nell Greer for making all of this possible! Here’s his contact info if you need a great realtor:

Obviously I don’t have a pic of me after falling, but this pretty much sums it up

The Bad: After showering, I was drying off and fell backwards. No blood, no broken bones, but I was in a bad spot. Thankfully it was not a normal day and Kenneth was home to rescue me.

The Ugly: When I fell I hit my head, hard. Pretty sure I had a mild concussion, but thanks to updates in High School coaching requirements means ALL of my closest friends are concussion experts. We monitored my symptoms, I did a lot of “bossing” at the office, and took it as easily as possible. No vomiting, no double vision, no loss of consciousness so rest, ibuprofen, and lots of smooches from my good looking, home owning husband. 

Also, it’s wonderful having friends who are great at their job. A hot date with Dr. Lester is always a fun and life changing. Schedule your appointment today:

It’s hard to top the day that you buy your first house. We are so excited to make it our home! Definitely could have done without the additional drama, but as we all know #ALSSucks so we get up and live to see another day.

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