5.10.17 Worship

I realized a few years ago that if I worked worship into my routine daily that every part of my day was more tolerable. When I started at Junior Achievement, I was given the blessing of non-negotiable time in the form of a commute from Weatherford to Ft. Worth. For the first time, in my entire life, I had 20 minutes each way that I had to sit still and just be present (while paying attention to the road of course). I have always been 10 minutes late leaving, in a rush from the jump, and a bit stressed because of it. 100% self inflicted but whatever. 

Just so we’re on the same page, my definition of worship changed with each day’s needs. A lot of days it was prayer, out loud conversations with God, discussing the day with the one who calms my fears and gives me peace. Some days I sang along with the radio, tuning out the world and worries. Most days included a phone call to my Mah, checking in and catching up. Just like the stressors of the day varied, so did the vehicle of escape. 

Anyway, when I moved to Ft. Worth I filled that 20 minutes each way with other things. I was no longer forced to sit still and be present in the moment, so my daily routine of worship was compromised. I found myself, again, being pushed and pulled in so many different directions and no longer was I making time for worship. Now when I spoke with God it was from a place of need or desperation, rather than casual conversation with a friend. Let me tell you, when you get into the daily routine of casual, out loud prayer with God you will begin to see his provisions all around you. Approaching each day with a thankful heart allows for the stress to become less life altering and more manageable. 

Now that Kenneth and I are homeowners (whooo hooo), my drive to work is slightly longer than from the apartment. I still have trouble some days getting into the heart of worship, and try my best to make the time every day to slow down, but I work best with a plan. I met a woman this year at Girls State Tournament that I was instantly drawn to. Of course I creeped her on Facebook and became even more infatuated with her outlook on life and her commitment to being a good mother, wife, coach and Christian. Her name is Katie Voss, and she has no idea the impact she’s had on me (until now, anyway).

On April 12th this was her post:

I immediately downloaded the Sprinkle of Jesus app, and have been amazed by the little reminders of love and affirmation that pop up on my screen. One of my favorite parts of the app is the daily devotional plans that cover any topic you can imagine. My current devotional is called “21-Day Plan for Busy Women: A Rich and Satisfying Life” and so far it’s been an interesting journey with the women of the bible. The next plan I want to explore is called “Marriage And Disability”. I’m really, really excited to read God’s word in specific relation to our marriage. 

If you choose to download the app, please share with me what you learn. Here are some of the daily affirmations that spoke to me:

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