May 12 – Clinic 

ALS sucks, but clinic days at Texas Neurology are wonderful!

Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to monitoring the progression of my ALS which is not only efficient but really, really fun. My team is amazing and makes this ridiculous disease somewhat bareable. One appointment, every 3 months I have a hot date with Tad my dietician, Heather my speech therapist, Katie and Kristen my OT and PT, Ashley my respiratory therapist, Tom my equipment guy, Sheliah my social worker, Chrystal my nurse, and Dr. Heitzman my neurologist. And the best part is: DONUTS 😬 as far as clinic appointments go, this one is pretty stink’n great.

What I love about this clinic as opposed to the one at UT Southwestern is that all of us meet in an infusion suite and chat between therapists. This is my support group, my people who know 100% how truly sucky this disease is for all involved. We discuss, we troubleshoot, we support and love each other through the progression. The admission price into this club is astronomical but the community is a compassionate, supportive, and strong one and I’m glad to be an active member.

These are from a previous appointment but a great view into the greatness that is clinic:






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