6.18.17 Father’s Day

Today is a big day for a lot of great fathers in my life, not mine of course, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. For the record, I know I got the best part of him, my sisters, and i’d give him up again and again to keep them. 

Today we celebrate all of the amazing men who are raising kids to be decent, God fearing, contributing members of society. Whether it’s their own kids or someone else’s, today is your day. My sisters and I always told Mah happy Father’s day because she selflessly pulled double duty our entire lives. So we celebrate you single moms, too. 

Thankfully we have been surrounded with love from father figures, with no shortage of support and guidance from strong men in many different relationships. Our grandfathers, uncles, and cousins stepped in to make sure us girls had everything we could possibly need. Our friends fathers, who we all call “Dad”, lectured and disciplined us as their own – it takes a village, right? My brother in law would line up anyone that messed with his girls and whoop them into next week. Trust me, we are well fathered. 

The man I introduce as my dad, who danced the first dance with me at my wedding, who my kids will one. day call Grandpa isn’t my father, and I love him all the more for it. Guess he’s more like a hostage, but at what point does it turn from a hostage situation to self inflicted? Regardless, Mitch loves our Mah and we love him for it. 

Now that I’m an old married woman, because apparently there’s no such thing as a young married woman, I have the honor of having a father in love. His love for his family and his faith in God is apparent in everything he says and does. I’m grateful every day for the man and husband he raised Kenneth to be. Joining his family, becoming an Erasmus, and learning from Kevin has been an amazing adventure. One day my kids will call him Oupa and they will be spoiled rotten and loved beyond imagine. 

I’m excited for the day that Kenneth gets to celebrate Father’s day. I trust Gods perfect timing for our family, and know that he will provide. Until we have kids of our own, we’ll continue being fun Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Sunny to all of the sweet babies around us. And dog/cat parents, of course. 

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