6.20.17 Small Town Kid

Full Confession: Kenneth and I are binge watching Netflix addicts. We change shows almost daily, and take turns picking since our preferences are completely different. Our current show at bedtime is “The Ranch” with Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and the always dreamy: Sam Elliott. As a “That 70s Show” fan, this new show was a no brainer.

Last nights cheesy one liner that still has me giggling:

Colt (Ashton Kutcher): “I’m so tired, I fell asleep at the red light. Cop woke me up, neither of us could believe I wasn’t drunk.”

10 minutes later and still laughing, Me: “I don’t know why that’s so funny”

Kenneth, matter of factly: “It’s because you’re from a small town”


A fellow Hiconian and sweet friend of mine posted this the other day and it’s kept me smiling:

This resonated with my soul because the entire time I was in grad school, every conversation I’ve ever had with Thomas Abbott or Amanda McCaffer,  and about once a week at work, this what happens:

I loved growing up in a small town “Where Everybody is Somebody”. I love the memories we share and the friendships we have, simply because we all have the same mapdot.
I don’t know if it was Katy’s pictures of Lance McLean, or the fact that I’m homesick for a Hico weekend, but you could cut the nostalgia with a knife. My phone sings “God Bless this Town” by Wade Bowen every time it rings; a personal favorite of my Pedro and myself. Or maybe it’s this silly video of my nephew splashing around with his chicken entourage


I love the subtle reminders that I come across daily that make me think of my hometown. I love the village that raised me, and the hugs from the people that loved me through to the person I am today.

My shirt says it all.

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