6.22.17 Staying Grounded, Literally 

Wednesday was cued up to be a good day: I posted a witty, honest, suuuuuper cute picture about how despite feeling the ALS effects in full force, I achieved top knot greatness and was excited to share it with the world. As the day progressed, I was smothered in love from friends near and far. 

But not before I hit the ground, hard

Lesson learned: get too big for your britches and life grounds you, literally. Well, in my case anyway. No harm, nose is good , teeth still intact and thank goodness for carpet, I am definitely sore from full body contact with the ground. And the best part of falling, yes there is a best part, Our Jennifer came to clean Tuesday so I wasn’t covered in dog and cat hair WHOOOO HOOO!

this sweet boy jumped in to make sure I had more than enough lovins and we curled up to catch our breath before trying to stand up. his grumpy brother watched intently with no plans of helping the damsel in distress. 
Thank God for these couple of things:

  • my apple watch was on so the life alert of 2017 worked
  • i still have my teeth 
  • no bloodshed 
  • happy hour date with my husband and a long lost friend 
  • free quesadilla bar

When life literally grounds you, happy hour with two goodlooking guys is the best way to recover. Life can plan for tomorrow, but I won Wednesday, faceplant and all. 

Miller Lite fixes everything

oldie but goodie

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