6.26.17 Rest

This little “sprinkle” popped up on my phone the other day and has been on my heart and mind:

Did I rest? Well, you know better than that. I pushed back, I achieved topknot greatness, and God hit me with this “sprinkle”:

Peace is what my being was craving at its core, mind, body, and soul. Peace is what I needed in life, at work, in my marriage. Peace in it’s entirety, saturating every detail of Sunny Brous Erasmus. And do you know where I found said peace? I just told you! 

“Rest in faith”

You gotta keep up, buttercup! Those three words spoke so much to me that I took Friday off, stayed in my jammies, Jaci came through in the clutch with lunch AND chocolate chip cookies, and I Netflix’d and chilled all day long. It was glorious. 

this was taken at 5:31 PM


So glorious, in fact, that Kenneth joined me on Saturday. So maybe there was a HUGE storm that rained out his golf plans, but I’m happy to take what I can get. Possession is 9/10s of the law, right? We watched a movie, we played with the pup, and this guy even came out to keep the fun to a minimum:

Thankfully this sweet boy is a snuggler, but I’m afraid we won’t fit in the chair, together, much longer. He is the perfect example of lazy Sunday. 

Now, it’s Monday and it’s time to put all of this rest to good use. This is a good “sprinkle” to start our week on:

And if you can’t embrace it, take Baloo’s advice and just plop:

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