7.30.17 30 Things I Love About You

Today is Kenneth’s “Golden Birthday” meaning he’s turning the age of his birth day – 30 on the 30th.  For your mushy reading pleasure and in no particular order, I have compiled a list of 30 things I love about my husband. Enjoy 😊 

  1. His love for all things sports – golf, softball, bowling – watching and playing 
  2. The way he folds shirts – it’s endearing how meticulous he is about it 
  3. His cute butt – trust me 
  4. His love for Ian 
  5. His patience with my pokeyness – we can all agree it’s Mah’s fault 
  6. His love for his family 
  7. His smooches 
  8. His willingness to be my caregiver – bless his sweet sweet heart 
  9. The way he makes friends and casual conversation easily – because you know he meets a zillion people every where we go 
  10. His ability to slow me down and make life more purposeful 
  11. His love for Peyton 
  12. The way he leads our family – his parents are amazing examples for both of us 
  13. The satisfaction he gets from making sure others are happy – especially at work 
  14. His support of most of my insane plans – thankfully he’s the realist between us 
  15. His willingness to explore the world with me 
  16. How he always grabs my phone so I don’t forget it – it takes a village to keep me together 
  17. Our shared love for fast food and netflix binges
  18. The way he tolerates my invasion of his personal space 
  19. His love for Baloo Bear 
  20. His protective nature over “the girls” – my sisters, my best friends, his sister 
  21. The fact that he doesn’t like certain things – beans, pickles, nuts, olives – because that means I don’t have to share 
  22. His dimples 
  23. His accent when he talks to his parents 
  24. His love for my crazy family 
  25. The way he encourages my dreams without doubt or reservations
  26. How giddy he gets when he’s excited about something 
  27. The way he psyches himself up in mirror every morning when he’s brushing his teeth 
  28. How he helps me when my body is being difficult 
  29. His dreams for our future as a family 
  30. The way you can see his love for me in his eyes 

Happy happy birthday, Kenneth! I love this little life of ours! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our next 30 years 💜

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