8.12.17 It’s Funny How Things Work Out


Mr. B quoted Coach P in this weeks newsletter

I told you last Saturday about my work, remember? Well yesterday was my 3 year anniversary with JA and I’m still in awe of Gods love and provisions for me and our family.

3 years ago, on our layover to home in Atlanta from Costa Rica, I turned my phone on for the first time in a week. I had this message on my Facebook messenger:


I didn’t even know I was looking, much less in the interviewing phase for a new job, but per usual, God had already stepped in and opened the door for me. 2014 was our 4th year of Girls Trip and never once had I taken the day before or after a trip off for prep or recovery, because I was a crazy 20 something with all the energy one could stand. For some reason this trip I did take the day after off, and to this day I swear it was a scheduling error on my part. Regardless I was available to interview at JA with 14 hr notice, and my girls were still in town to prep me.


And as they say, “The rest is history”. I moved off campus in August 2014 to live with my best friend Jarred, both of us homeless and starting new jobs. I drove back and forth my first year and learned the importance of decompression time. During our time as roommates, Jarred fell in love and proposed to his now wife and baby mama and I received my ALS diagnosis – both major events in our sheltered little world. We were roommates, best friends, counselors, and cheerleaders for each other during the biggest events of our lives, to date.


After my first year with JA I made the move to Fort Worth and fell in love with everything this big, little town had to offer me personally, professionally, and emotionally. As a 20 something woman living by herself for the first time ever, I splurged on food delivery, Targets (plural) everywhere, and accessibility to all of the fun activities we always enjoyed sans the torturous 20 minute drive home to Weatherford.  And I became a cat mom to Ian Brous Johnson Erasmus.

And then I met this guy:


Our first picture together, Nov. 2015

You know the rest: I fell in love, became his wife, we bought a house together, we traveled together, we threw out the #SunnySlider at the Rangers games, became a cover girl, and became puppy parents to our precious Baloo Bear.

I’m thankful for the scheduling mistake that opened the door to a career and life I had only dreamed of. Gods plan is way better than I could have ever made for myself.


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