9.15.17 No, It’s Snot

Raise your hand if your allergies are kicking your tail, too.

Zero fun, sir. Kenneth and I are hackin’ and coughin’ so much it’s almost a comprehensible discussion. Makes for restless nights, noisy showers, and lots of new snoring techniques. If you recall, my new best friend is a little guy named ambien so Kenneth is left to deal with the orchestra of sounds I produce during the night.


There’s a point to this, I think, maybe. Oh yes, snot and ALS…

So the more snot, the more labored my breathing becomes. The more energy I use on breathing, the less I have for anything, or everything, else. And I yawn, a lot. Have you ever seen me yawn? It’s a full body effort, which slows down the already snail-speed agenda of my daily routine, requiring more energy needed just to get out the door.

Yesterday, I decided to forego the exhaustion and pressure of working through the snot to get to work and took the morning off. A lot of my body appreciated the slow down, but no one enjoyed the snuggles more than this guy:

In honor of full disclosure, yes, I do have off days and yes, contrary to popular belief, I do take time to rest. Sometimes. Not usually though. I mean, how do you tell that face no? He’s such a good snuggler, and doesn’t mind my snot or snoring.

Hey, random, did you know that no one knows exactly why yet, but unborn babies yawn? 


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