9.20.17 No good, ugly, rotten day

Ever have those sucky, sucky days? Where no matter what you do it backfires? Today was my no good, ugly, rotten day.

It started with me driving Kenneth’s car. Now, I fully realize how blessed we are to have two vehicles but for the sake of dramatics please let me whine about this. His car is too low to the ground and I have to exert myself to get out, rather than falling out like in mine. His car is all manual adjustments, rather than pushing buttons like in mine. His car does not have a sun roof – ok, I get that I’m being a brat but looking back on the day, this is where it all started.

Then I ran errands for work, without my handicap placard because I left it in Jaci’s car on Saturday. After walking to the back of the store to get the card, it was a 30 minute discussion on whether I could purchase a gift card with a credit card – answer was no.

Next stop, I ordered everything online for pickup and they didn’t have one of the items. Still needing the item, I asked the employee to get it for me because if I walked to the aisle I wouldn’t be able to lift the item when I got there. He brought the item to me at guest services, but I wasn’t going to be able to check out because I didn’t have the membership card. I explained that it was a company account and the card is on vacation this week with the keeper hence the online order, blah blah blah, I finally checked out and got someone to help me load my car.

Do you know how long all of this took me? 3.5 hours – and do you know how hot it was this morning? Stupid hot. My boss text me during all of this and asked if I was ok. My reply: yes, mad at everyone and everything. Don’t you just know he was excited to see me when I got to the office? Worn out, hot, grumpy, and mad at Kenneth’s car I redirected my energy into work – completely resolved to not have a good day.

And then my phone rang, and it was my Mama calling to ask:

Where is Ian’s food kept?

Me: Um, where are you?

Standing in your bedroom because I can’t figure out how to turn the TV down – hurry the clothes just finished in the dryer.

Bad attitude vanished. Frustration disappeared. “Clothes just finished in the dryer” is like music to my ears. Craptastic day turned wonderful by the surprise appearance of my mother and her need to clean and cook spaghetti. I quickly took her to lunch, not wanting to interfere with any “Honey Do’s” on her list, and sent her back to my house.


No, we weren’t matching today. This was last week when we were matching, boom.

You do you, Wednesday. Boomshakalaka.

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