9.25.17 Togetherness 

For the first time in what seems like forever, my husband and I devoted the majority of a weekend to each other. We live busy, consuming lives that allow for us to share each of our own passions with each other and separately. Our schedule is insane to the untrained eye, but we invest love and support into our conversations and all decisions regarding who goes where and when are made together. We start and stop each day together, we call audibles when necessary and are never afraid to cancel plans if staying home is emotionally, mentally, physically more important. 

Kenneth and I lean on each other many times throughout the day. Phone calls, hugs, meals, texts, snaps – anything the other needs to get through the day. Making decisions together, discussing our choices, and asking for or receiving praise and affirmation from our significant other. 

“We can’t do this life thing halfheartedly. There’s no time off. There aren’t even weekends. We are always preparing for what life might throw at us” – The daily stoic, Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.

Kenneth is my rock, my person through good times and bad. We lean hard on each other when things aren’t going our way and we celebrate everything and everyone. I never knew someone could know me this indepth and still love me. Marriage is wonderfully exciting and way more fun than I ever dreamed it to be.

Friday was a perfect example of work/life balance: a beautiful day on the golf course, with my husband, benefiting JA. Saturday we jumped up and went south of San Antonio for the night to celebrate one of our very favorite couples as they joined in holy matrimony. I ate as much mexican food as Kenneth would let me, drank as much vodka as he would let me, and we spent the evening with sweet friends celebrating love. 

Sunday we got to smooch on our Mischloneys, which never happens as often as we’d like and always goes by too fast. We spent nearly 10 hours in the car together this weekend and lived to tell about it. We listened to A LOT of standup comedy on spotify which lead to laughs, tears, and a couple of almost spews – nothing bonds you like high speed dr. pepper expulsion from your nostrils. 

We made a quick stop in Hico to pick up my new favorite toy: a power wheelchair! Before you even ask, it has 6 tires and is bottom heavy to help eliminate turnovers – maybe. Excited to get it all figured out and situated for important things like races and donuts. 

We are the first to acknowledge that we do not have our lives together, and there are parts of every single day that are mean and hard enough to cause anyone to throw in the towel and be done with it. Like Thursday, I was wrestling with Baloo rather than concentrating on putting my feet on the floor which caused me to slink into a puddle on the floor and i wasn’t strong enough to get up. 3 baloo lick baths, 45 minuets and a HUGE blow to my independence. hurt? no but lucky for me my Prince Charming came to save the day. this instance was more comical than anything else (do you remember the broken nose incident?) 

“So today if things look like they might take a bad turn or your luck might change, why worry? This might be one of those formative experiences you will be grateful for later.” – The daily stoic, Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.

line up my “formative experiences” side by side and you’d have a great transcript for Anericas Funniest Home Videos. i should not be taken seriously, ever. but man we have a great time. 

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