10.10.17 Momma Duke


Thursday night I had the honor of introducing a superstar at the ALSA VIP Shop for Cure Event.  Currently, there are only 2 doctors in DFW who treat this incurable disease. In partnership with UT Southwestern and Moncrief Medical Center, The ALS Association is opening a Fort Worth clinic! This brings a location to so many in Texas in need! We have learned there is a new diagnosis every 90 minutes, it’s a nightmare. We raised awareness and funds for this great cause, and it was a glorious night.

Yesterday was Momma Duke’s birthday, and though I hate that I missed it I know she will be thrilled to keep the partying going. I have included my speech below so if you don’t know, now you do know how amazing this beautiful woman is. It’s an honor to be in her circle and her strength in the midst of this hardship is inspiring. Please join me in wishing Momma Duke a very happy belated birthday! Cheers to you, my friend!


Who you are:

  • I am Sunny Brous Erasmus
  • I was diagnosed with ALS on January 20th 2015
  • I am a 30 year old, newly married dog and cat mom
  • I know ALS sucks because I give it hell everyday

Who Sharon is:

  • Sharon is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the chance to meet
  • Sharon is a wife, Momma Duke, Nonnie, ALS Warrior and Overall Badass
  • Sharon is the living embodiment of beauty, inside and out
  • Sharon is giving ALS so much hell that she couldn’t join us tonight

How you know Sharon

  • I met Ren and Chrissy through a mutual friend and we quickly found our common denominator: we were very thirsty for drinks of the vodka variety
  • Shortly after I was introduced to Sharon and we compared notes, discussed theories, dissected ALS in every way we could then eventually had lunch
  • I’ve gotten to know Sharon through facebook, we still compare notes, we still discuss theories, and we love each other unconditionally, every day, and in every way

Why you love Sharon:

  • I love Sharon because she brought us all together today
  • I love Sharon because even in her absence we all feel her presence
  • I love Sharon because she gives more of herself than asked, she lives louder than all of us combined, and her smile can make even the darkest of days bright
  • I love Sharon because she gives me hope in my future with this disease, my brand new marriage, my dream of one day being a mom, and so, so much more

2 thoughts on “10.10.17 Momma Duke

  1. Sunny Doll,
    Yesterday, at Mama Dukes I shared your beautiful words of love from our of that with her. I hope your ears were burning. So many things to say about you. We adore and love you more than you now. The role you have taken in the movement of the car to help keep those informed is so honorable. We look forward to all of your posts and updates. You did such an incredible job speaking on behalf of Momma Duke and sharing your story. You were gifted to us and we honor you. Love you!


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