Round 1 Complete!


I don’t notice any changes, but it’s not worse and that’s exciting, right? Hopefully getting my port scheduled soon, spoke to the doctors office today.

Taking a two week break then Round 2 is 10 administrations over a 14 day period. Planning to get that started on November 2nd or 3rd.

Excited for two weeks of normalcy and my personal doctor is thankful for the break. Cheers to round 1 completion!

3 thoughts on “Round 1 Complete!

  1. I hope to start round 1 before this weekend or I will be so mad to wait through another weekend. Radicava Ridiculousness – now waiting for the local infusion location so at least it’s closer. I am glad that you got through round 1. And hearing your fun, I am glad it worked out that I got my port first. Again, love the wings!


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