10.4.18 Radicava-aversary

One year ago today I started on my journey with Radicava Ridiculousness.   It's been a hell of a year, port placement - my first surgery - and two followup procedures to keep it working properly, a fun stay in the Baton Rouge emergency room - sarcasm - and lots of trips and new caregivers … Continue reading 10.4.18 Radicava-aversary

9.13.18 Round 13 is Rollin’

Radicava is becoming so routine that I completely forgot to document Round 12! Hope it was as good for you as it was for me - insert some corny joke about only smoking after sex - so here we are: Lucky Round 13 of Radicava Ridiculousness. Did I tell you I started on Medicare in … Continue reading 9.13.18 Round 13 is Rollin’

7.31.18 Radicava, Richter, Rest

Today, July 31, 2018 will go down in the books as a very, very exhausting one. Round 11 of Radicava Ridiculousness wrapped up last week. I've been having issues with Paula the Port, getting accessed mostly, so today's appointment was supposed to take 30 minutes and be easy peasy.   Exhausting remember? 7 sticks and … Continue reading 7.31.18 Radicava, Richter, Rest