10.31.17 #PrayforParker

Once upon a time, many many moons ago there was this wonderful place called college. It was a magical place where responsibilities were nonexistent, memories were made, and friendships came easily. Tarleton was the best four years of my life.

Before Tarleton, even more moons ago, I grew up in the booming metropolis of Hico, America. Growing up in a small town, everyone had to participate in everything or there wasn’t enough people to do anything. We all played sports, we all were in the band, and we were always together. It was like this for most of the surrounding towns as well, so we got to know each other very well throughout the years.

Kristen and I grew up playing sports together in rivaling hometowns. I met Don’nell through intramurals and regularly kicked him off my court for being crazy. We kept up with each other through the greatness of social media and then one day as I was treating my moving crew to lunch, I ran smack into Don’nell at Chipotle. That was 2.5 years ago and we all picked up right where we left off. Since then we’ve celebrated a lot of life together and we even bought our home through Don’nell – it’s been a fun reunion.

Seriously y’all, these kids make the most beautiful babies. Having the opportunity to know them separately and now together with a beautiful family has been a true pleasure. First came Parker, then came Channing, and now we have Camden. Sweet, sweet boys.

On Tuesday, October 24th Parker was on day 3 of a stomach bug. Don’nell heard him moaning and found him throwing up on his back. Don’nell sat him up, asked him some questions and he seemed fine. Kristen went in asked him a question and he answered correctly. When Don’nell went to get him dressed to go to hospital he just went limp, head wouldn’t stay still, non-responsive. They called 911, but as the ambulance pulled in they had to do cpr because they had lost him.

Today is day 7 of being in icu fighting for his life. Parker’s brain began swelling due to the lack of oxygen and his MRI shows his brain may have suffered too much damage.

Day 3 update included: rhabdomyolysis (they are blood testing both parents to make sure it’s not hereditary), e. Coli – norovirus Brain swelling. All his organs are still working and He’s not quite breathing on his own. He breathes over the ventilator, but since he’s on so much pain medicine they don’t want to chance it right now. The plan for now: Fluid and the virus has to just run its course.

Day 7 update from mama: They will not be taking Parker off the vent today due to his X-ray. They will re-evaluate in the morning! He has been throwing up last night and this morning so for now they have paused the feeds and will try to restart later in the day. He has had his eyes open off and on a little more than usual! We LOVE to see those! He continues to move his arms when he is irritated and makes some small movements with his legs at times. Please pray he will be able to come off the ventilator, that his brain will heal completely, and that our family will be strong during this time! The brothers finally meet again! Channing could not have been sweeter!

This sweet boy needs your prayers, all of them. Please continue to cover Parker and his family in love and encouragement. Our God is bigger than this and he is the master healer.

For info on meal train and donations, click here.

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