7.29.22 Week 5 Fight ALS Film Festival

TransFatty Lives

Enlightenment by Shotgun

TransFatty Lives was the best, most epic film to wrap up ALS Awareness Month and the Fight ALS Film Festival. If you haven’t watched this film yet, go now and watch it. HURRY!

“It is an honest film, and Patrick is funny and he has needs and wants. And he’s talked very frankly about his life and his raising a son and being in love with a woman.”

“How do you not give up after diagnosis? For me, I guess my mom raised us with an unshakable, positive outlook on things.”

“They took Pat and his chair on a pub crawl one St Patrick’s Day up there in Boston. And that and that was some mean trick. All these gals lifted that chair into the into the different Boston Irish saloons”

The Her ALS Story group has realized the benefit of collaboration and in person events. If interested, donations towards our Wellness Retreat in Madison, Wisconsin can be made here or here for tax purposes.

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