9.13.19 Sunny Loves Tom

This one is tough. My heart is broken. I am thankful for ALS bringing my Fruges into our life, but I'll be damned if I feel anything short of outrage that it took Tom from us, specifically away from Nancy, Emily, Aimee, and Grayson. Especially Grayson. From day 1 of his diagnosis, everything Tom faced … Continue reading 9.13.19 Sunny Loves Tom

9.11.19 Cowtown Affair

Jennifer Corbett and Family, our 2019 honorees, invite you to join us on September 18th for our second annual Cowtown Affair - a cowboy chic event showcasing Fort Worth's commitment to creating a world without ALS. Last year's event raised more than $28k for ALS Texas. And if you recall, we participated in some unique … Continue reading 9.11.19 Cowtown Affair

8.13.19 Hey God, It’s Me Sunny

I love "Ah-ha" moments. Times when the divine intervention of a higher power is so obviously present and in control that it's absurd to believe in anything less. Times that take your breath away and stay with you days after the incident. Moments when, if you were a cartoon, your jaw would hit the floor … Continue reading 8.13.19 Hey God, It’s Me Sunny

8.12.19 Clinic Adventures

To know me is to love me and accept that I'm late, always. It's nothing personal and not intentional, but it happens more times than not. Knowing this first hand, Jaci and Ashley showed up in time to finish the laborious dressing process and braid my hair. 7:30 is my default leaving time for clinic, … Continue reading 8.12.19 Clinic Adventures

7.23.19 Fall Risk

"There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” – Tara Brach I added to my tattoo collection in early May and man have I gotten amazing feedback from everyone but Lancer. Yes, it's a real tattoo. No, it's not a sticker. Yes, it's permanent. No, it's … Continue reading 7.23.19 Fall Risk