14. Weekend Warrior: Party of 1…er, 2

Again, I find myself saying that "I had different intentions for this one and God stepped in...". Pretty excited about this shift πŸ™‚ I get an entire weekend with my husband, a stay-cation per say. We have not had an agenda-less weekend since before the wedding so this is huge. Why spend a weekend solo … Continue reading 14. Weekend Warrior: Party of 1…er, 2

25. Dark Places

Care to read with me? "I assumed everything bad in the world could happen, because everything bad in the world already did happen." "She talked to me because we had the same chemicals in our blood: shame, anger, greed. Unjustified nostalgia." "I’d earned my money, I thought, resentful for no reason. Lyle seemed completely fine … Continue reading 25. Dark Places

22. Night Owl, Late in the Morning

For long as I can remember, I have been a night owl. It never mattered how early I had to get up or how little sleep I've gotten days prior, I have always been a late to bed person. Some will argue that this is the source of my regular lateness, but I assure you … Continue reading 22. Night Owl, Late in the Morning

19. Prayers for my Husband

Care to read with me? I was never one to dream about my wedding, the colors, the details, etc. I always dreamed about my future husband: would he be tall? would he want kids? would he be funny? For me, it was always about who I would marry and spend my life with so planning a … Continue reading 19. Prayers for my Husband

18. Throw an awesome 30th Birthday Party

done and done. blowouts with my girls, Rodeo, dinner party for 60+, dance party = turning 30 was the best birthday I've ever had! if you haven't thrown yourself a totally awesome, over the top, exciting adult birthday party with 60+ of your friends and family do yourself a favor this year and do it! … Continue reading 18. Throw an awesome 30th Birthday Party

11. New to Me Restaurants

1.8.17 - Oni Ramen, West 7th I got the Kyushu Tonkotsu - rich pork broth with pork belly, bamboo shoots, woodear, mustard greens, red ginger, green onion, black garlic β€œoil” & an egg Kenneth got the Classic Ramen Rich – Tonkotsu - rich pork & light chicken broth seasoned with soy topped with pork belly, … Continue reading 11. New to Me Restaurants